Thursday, 3 April 2008

What it's all about

I've set this blog up as a place to collect miscellaneous thoughts and reviews about well... any cultural artefacts you care to name - books, comics, TV, DVDs, plays, albums, songs, gigs, gadgets, whatever I've been experiencing at the time. Anything remotely personal's going to be at - there'll probably be some crossover, but I thought I'd finally make some use of this account for something except for commenting on other people's blogs.

So what sort of thing to expect? Well, my main interest is reading and I try to be as catholic as possible in what I read (and I'm not talking Vatican related there) so there'll probably be plenty of literature, most of it not too highbrow. And while I'm old school indie (from before the time the majors nicked it as a way to legitimise MOR guitar bands like The Kooks) I'm prepared to listen to just about anything, unless Louis Walsh or Simon Cowell's been involved. So y'know, slightly leftfield stuff but not cooler than thou cutting edge. And the same sort of thing for TV - I used to be an uber TV geek (it probably isn't a coincidence that I've set this up a couple of days before the new Doctor Who series), although I've deliberately watched a little less of late. But not that much less.

Basically then, anything that's got an interesting take, or that I can be eloquent about why it's less than interesting to me.

Let's have fun kids...

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