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More War

As promised... hints and teasers for each story in the Seasons of War anthology...

Preface - Nick Briggs pays tribute to the late Paul Spragg, who played a key role in the anthology coming together

Epilogue - Warsmiths by Matt Fitton - Where else does a book about a war that's scrambled time start? Two Time Lords meet in a bleak, lonely place and replay a dilemma from the Doctor's past. Featuring an unnamed cameo from a Big Finish character...

I. Karn by Declan May - What happened after the regeneration we saw in Night of the Doctor? And just how different from the old Doctor is this new incarnation?

Crowsnest Past by Warren Frey - Strange creatures lurk in the land around a lonely Canadian town. Can the Doctor discover what they want? And can he learn how to shotgun?

The Eight Minute War by Lee Rawlings - The story of the Doctor's army.  But has he overestimated his own capabilities?  Featuring the finest use of Louis Armstrong in a story in many a year.

Everything In Its Right Place by J.R. Southall - Who is Alice? And what's this place where the Earth should be?

II. Corsair by Declan May - Meet the Corsair, the Doctor's old friend as mentioned in The Doctor's Wife.

The Ambassador from Wolf-Rayet 134 - The Lobopods have an ability that might turn the course of the War. But first the ambassadors of two worlds must come to an understanding...

The Amber Room by Simon Brett and John Davies - Leo Dunning is in his last tour of duty.  Or he was until he found himself in the company of Dave who's telling him that his world never existed...

The Celephas Gift by Andrew Smith - The Doctor crashlands on Muranius, a brutal, repressed world where he must unravel the secrets of a Gift visited upon the planet from the skies...

The Girl With Purple Hair (in three parts) by Declan May and John Davies -Who is Jenny Shirt?  And what fate awaits her?

An Historical Curiosity by Matthew Sweet - The Doctor meets Shakespeare.  And wins.

Here Comes the Doctor by Christopher Bryant  - Doctor no more, now a Patient.  What secrets lie in the depths of The Hospital? And what will be the consequences of their discovery?

Your Move by John Peel - The Daleks have wiped out the Movellans to stop anyone using their great War Computer against them. Now they want to destroy the Computer too.  And a certain Gallifreyan wants to help them...

III. Sonnet by Jenny Colgan - Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Disjecta Membra by Elton Townend-Jones - Who is the mysterious man Cass keeps glimpsing in the corner of her eye?

IV. Loop by Declan May - A young man meets his older self.

The Holdover by Daniel Wealands - The Holdover: A safe haven for refugees from the Time War.  Or is it?

Climbing the Mountain by Lance Parkin - Countless worlds burn in the flames of the Time War.  Can a former Doctor perform triage to save worlds?

Gardening by Sami Kelsh - There are places of beauty and tranquility, delicately balanced.  But the War must touch even those...

Sleepwalking to Paradise by Dan Barratt - A Coma Ship lies on a temporal fault line.  Can the Time Lord solve the mystery of the faultline and save the ship from the Daleks?

Guerre by Alan P Jack and Declan May - John Smith finds himself in France during the First World War.  But this war is about to be invaded by an even greater one...

V, Lady Leela by Declan May - A Time War.  A warrior of the Sevateem.  What can she do but fight?

Making Endings by Nick Mellish - A man haunted by his past life finds himself hunted by the Sentimonocks.  Can an old man write him a happy ending?

The Book of Dead Time by David Carrington -  Jenny Shirt's old friend takes her to a most unusual library in search of a book that the Daleks might decimate the planet to possess...

Driftwood by Simon Brett - Gabrielle lives on a world where much of the debris of the Time War washes up with her grandfather and a most unusual friend.  Why does Azrael want a teacup so badly?

The Ingenious Gentleman by Alan Ronald - "In which a man striving to become worthy of a title, meets a man who no longer is."

Fall by Matt Barber -  The Doctor has a problem, one he can only solve by calling on one of his oldest friends.

Always Face the Curtain with a Bow by Jon Arnold -  This'll be me then... The Daleks need information from their old nemesis, and they've set up a most unusual prison to get it.  But will their prisoner give them the information they want?  I'll blog about this story at some point soon, but suffice to say I'm deeply proud of it.

Help A Stranded Time Traveller by Matthew Sylvester - The Seller has been commissioned to find the TARDIS.  But a tired old tramp doesn't want him to get it.

Storage Wars by Paul Driscoll - Samuel Stockton has won a lorryload of old treasures from an old scrapyard in Shoreditch on the TV show Storage Wars.  One of which is of intense interest to an old vagrant...

The Postman by John Davies - Even in a Time War letters must go to the families of the bereaved.  The Postman is taking a break from the War to deliver these letters.  But in a war of confused chronology, do the letters always arrive at the right time?

The Thief of All Ways by Elliot Thorpe - Why is Claudia being hunted by an old man?  And what has it to do with a Dalek superweapon?

The Time Lord Who Came To Tea by Paul Driscoll - Wartime can inflict horrific degradations on some places.  Jericho is sacrificing everything so that Arcadia may live... what can you eat when supplies run low?

The Nightmare Child by Declan May - The Doctor seeks out Davros in the womb of the dread Nightmare Child...

Meals On Wheels by Paul Magrs  -Volunteering to deliver Meals on Wheels Jackie Tyler meets a most cantankerous and unusual old man...

Time Enough For War by Jim Mortimore and Simon Brett- What is the ultimate weapon?

Doctor Death by Barnaby Eaton-Jones -  Jenny Shirt meets the Doctor for one last adventure.

The Beach by Gary Russell - On an Australian beach a most unusual deal comes to its conclusion.

The Moments In Between by George Mann - What does a TARDIS do when it disapproves of its owner's actions?  Featuring Cinder from Engines of War.

Prologue - The Horde of Travesties by Declan May - And the mangled chronologies end at a beginning where the Doctor is haunted by a deal he had to make...

The Director's Tale - Andy Robinson recounts how he came to direct a film that went from promo to a fully fledged story in its own right.

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